Finnish PHR Sandbox

FHIR server designed for Finnish PHR development needs and is based on the HAPI JPA Server. Find more information about the HAPI JPA Server.

Sandboxes are not production servers. Storing personal health data or other confidential information about real people is strictly forbidden. The social security numbers you use in the authorization code flow should follow the format of the Finnish social security number and should be of the 900-series. Please note that all data stored in the sandbox is public. Also, it is possible to find out all the social security numbers used in the environment.

Find more information about the sandbox from the Kanta pages.

Content in the sandbox environment is updated regularly. For example new data content as well as new resources and profiles are added during the approval process. Find more information regarding updates in Zulip Chat forum in the Finnish PHR stream ’Sandbox status’ topic

This server can be purged and reloaded with fixed test data without any prior notification.

Data will be deleted from Sandbox regularly on the 1st of March, June, September and December, or the first following working day. The data that will be deleted includes all Patient related resources (e.g. Observation, CarePlan, MedicationAdministration resources) that have been stored in Sandbox more than three months ago.


Find more information about accessibility-statement from Kanta pages.